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26/11/2022 by

Cleaning Services

We’re here to help…
At Be in Betty’s Bay we take pride in what we do with our different approach! Our cleaning is in line with the COVID 19 government requirements. We have our own in-house cleaning ladies that have been with Be in Betty’s Bay for many years and treat all properties with exceptional care and pride.

The full day cleaning service includes the following:

  • All surfaces and windowsills are cleaned
  • Floors are vacuumed / mopped
  • Washing of dishes / pots
  • Bathrooms are cleaned / tiles wiped
  • BBB provides all cleaning material and equipment
  • BBB provides transport for the ladies

Additional Services:

  • Additional services can be included to fill the hour(s)
    • Laundry
    • Ironing
    • Windows (reachable)
    • Outside patios

PLEASE NOTE: Any specialty products to be supplied by the homeowner (Example: for laminated floor / wood / stainless steel etc)

Property Management

We’re here to help…

To manage a property can be challenging especially when you are not present to deal with property requirements. At Be in Betty’s Bay, we treat your property as one of our own. Our Property Management Service will attend to all matters related to your home. We are aware that the needs may be different for each property; therefore, we will gladly discuss a package that is custom made for your home.

Our property management service includes the following tasks:

  • Key holder of property
  • Check electricity readings
  • Monthly property check
  • Additional checks done after:
      • Heavy rains
      • Fires
      • Storms
  • Daily cleaning service (contact us for rates)
  • Deliver and collect laundry to and from laundromat (laundromat cost for owner’s account)
  • Security call out
  • Attend to the following after owners/guest’s departure
      • Remove garbage
      • Strip beds
      • Take linen to laundromat
      • Do check of property

Be in Betty’s Bay can also be your ‘eyes and ears’ in overseeing larger projects in your absence.

  • Sourcing service providers and providing quotes
  • Liaison between service providers and owners
  • Provide regular updates on progress of project

Project Management / Supervision
Be in Betty’s Bay work on a commission based fee for each approved quote.

  • Electrical/Plumbing work
  • Maintenance work
  • Garden Service (excluding the monthly service)
  • Purchases on behalf of owner (as per request)
  • Interior / exterior work